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  • There is a lot of connection between our queen Adel and this beautiful model. We can see easily that they feel so confortable together in each moment and its really beautiful and erotic. I can not wait to see what is coming in the next days from the hand of Adel and her beautiful models. ASMR MASSAGE is every day better and better. Maybe a threesome massage will be at the top of the top in a next time. Thx.

  • Beautiful to watch /see…however, that amount of oil concoction seemed to be the emphasis and was a bit overkill. I can certainly appreciate the need for lubrication regarding skin on skin, yet seemed the intent focused a bit much on how ‘saturated we can make it.’ Perhaps the intent.

  • Sorry but that was not worth the extra 7 dollars. So many other better 3-dollar level massages like the 6 handed Xmas one. If it was real Nuru it would have been much more erotic. Can you please make something more erotic for this level? Not sure why I upgraded. Going back down to 3 and the 3-dollar content is just fine. Okay thank you.

  • Oops . ….
    My bad Adel… I thought I was commenting on another video.

    But this one is by far the most beautiful video/massage I’ve ever seen. I was totally imaging I was the one receiving the massage with your beautiful body against mine.


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