Author - Taya

TayaI'm Taya Love. And I'm a professional massuese for over 4 years. I learned the art of massage in Thailand and Florida and then from various Tantra teachers all over the world. And I find it the best way to express your love and caress to anyone you care for. For the most part love massage is intuitive. You pay full attention to your partner's body signals and find the variety of techniques to relax and please those muscles. And the more pleasure you can sense from that body the more motivated and inspired you get. Massage can be a foreplay, favorite hobby or even spiritual practice. Use our videos as an example and a tutorial, but remember that your true desire to please your partner, soft communication (Do you like that? What would you like me to do? etc) and your sincere joy of the process make 75% of your success. Anyways enjoy this feeling of unity and closer. Feel love!))

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